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Shanghai “Good Samaritans Law” passed!

Now you don't need to worry about getting into trouble by helping strangers on the street!

For those of you who are following the Chinese news might have heard that the so-called Shanghai “Good Samaritans Law” had been passed in the Standing Committee Meeting of Shanghai Municipality recently. It’s such a great news for the shanghai citizens because they don’t need to worry about getting blamed by victims for offering first aid.

The right name of the Shanghai “Good Samaritans Law” is “Shanghai Municipality Emergency Service Regulation”, which was passed on 29th July 2016, and will take effect from 1st November, 2016. The regulation has specific regulation on first aid in pre-hospital care, in-hospital care and from individuals, with the last one attracted most attention.

The Regulation encourages the citizen to participate in the onsite rescuing, and specifies the action is protected by law. The regulation entitles the following:

  • If an individual finds a victim needs first aid, the individual should call “120” for help immediately; the individual can carry out the first aid rescuing under the guidance of the first aid dispatcher or based on the actual scene situation.
  • The individual equipped with first aid skill is encouraged to provide help and assistance to seriously injured and ill victims.
  • Those AED-trained individuals can use an AED to provide resuming if there is one available.

The Regulation especially emphasize the first aid rescuing is law protected; the first aid provider is not responsible for any injury caused. With which, we can go ahead to offer the first aid help and don’t need to worry about been blamed or asked for a compensation from the rescuing.

In addition, if you have taken our first aid classes you can find out the above three provisions align with our training content: if the victim doesn’t have any response, we should call emergency number for help; and the use of an AED is also covered in our classes.

Though this law is only for shanghai, we hope it will be considered and adopted by more other Chinese cities to together create a safer environment!

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