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Where to get an AED in Shanghai?

If you have been first aid trained or learned some first aid knowledge before, or simply you observed some AED in your community, you are probably quite familiar with AED (automatic external defibrillator). In response to an emergency case, based on the actual situation we need to call the ambulance, check for breathe and perform CPR (includes mouth-to-mouth breathing and chest compression) , and as an crucial part of the rescuing process the use of an AED can significantly improve the survival rate.

AED is a safe, easy to carry and operate device, those who are not medical trained can confidently use the device to save lives after AED training. During the rescuing, you need to use the AED device immediately soon it arrives, and then follow the AED prompts to operate or even deliver a shock to save the victim.

In USA, by law the AED should be accessible within 10 min in public area. As AED plays such an important role in saving lives, where can we go to fetch an AED during an emergency, especially in Shanghai the city we are living in?

In this September, the Shanghai government released a report through its official Wechat account “Shanghaifabu” about the location of the 310 AED they newly deployed in the city of Shanghai. In the report, we can see some are located in the major tourism spots and building, for example the Pearl Tower, Century Park, IFC, Shanghai Center, Jin Mao Tower; some are in major metro stations, including Century Avenue staion, PVG station, the Maglev Stations; and the rest are mainly distributed in the local community centers and public service stations, includes the water service office and public transportation office. You can click here find the list of the AED locations released by the Shanghai government here in Chinese.

However, there is also an English news about the AEDs in the city, and it’s 372 devices in the English news, you can find the news on Not sure which source is more accurate, but regardless we know that the current AED number is far from enough for the city of Shanghai with a population over 24 million. Taking Japan for example, there is 234.8 AED devices for every 100,000 people; by this standard, we need about 60,000 AEDs for the city of Shanghai alone.

Well, the 310 is a starting point at least, and helpfully we will hear in the near future that more AEDs are more accessible to us. And ideally there would be an mobile App like the popular Mobike in the city and assist us find the nearest device within our reach!

Source: "Shanghaifabu" Wechat account

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